render view in paraview

in multiphase, there are two materials, oil and water
thoes are below.

but i want to see these two materials in one renderview simultaneously! because i want to see the flow of two materials… the below picture is what i want

how can i do this?
thank you !

What is the vtk datatype are you visualizing? Why can’t you combine them together and render them in one RenderView?

this is result of OpenFOAM, that is one of CFD code. the reason why i should combine them together is that i want to see the whole flow motion of two materials (oil and water) conveniently … the separate motion with two render view is inconvenient to see them…

do you know the method to combine them…?

Use Calculator filter

umm, if you don’t mind, could you tell me more detail…? sorry…

i searched the information of calculator filter you mentioned, however, to achieve purpose to combine two render views, i may think that this filter does not look like proper

oh!! i found it, just “+” button! oh thank you very much!

if you don’t mind, can i ask you one question?
i want to fill the different color to different material, but when i do the “+” calculator filter, the whole material are combined at same color, so i have difficulty about distinguishing materials

using something like this would work I think:

alpha.water + 10*alpha.oil

but you may need to change the color map.

thank you for your kind and detail explanation!!!

Besides the way Mathieu described you could use the clip filter by scalar type…just use it twice with certain scalar (above value, and so on…). Make sure that both clips are activated in view…

thank you very much for your explanation!

so, according to your advice, i followed your method to achieve my purpose with another way except “calculator filter” mentioned above,

can you check that i properly did the method you mentioned ? did i get it right?