Render Z Order for Image Data

I have two fields that are computed from the same 2D image dataset (constructed by resample to image from a slice).

Is it possible to change the order of which one is rendered on top? It doesn’t seem like there is a setting for “Zorder” and which one is displayed on top seems to randomly change.

I can think of several ways to solve the problem, but the one that most directly answers the question as posed is to translate one of the planes a bit (probably in the z direction) so they are not rendered directly on top of each other. (Note this is an “advanced” property in the properties panel.)

This is exactly what I was looking for thanks! I tried using the calculator to shift the coordinate, but it had issues due to the data being image data. I didn’t realize that there is a translate option built into the pipeline properties :man_facepalming:.

Thanks again this is a huge help!