Rendering 3D HDF data


I’m using an Xdmf3 file to read in a three dimensional dataset in Paraview 4.4. There are three separate arrays that define the X, Y, and Z axes and a fourth three dimensional density dataset that I would like to render whose dimensions correlate to the X, Y, Z arrays.

I’m able to read the arrays as a grid and the dataset as a point array from the .xmf file. Paraview recognizes the density data and generates a colormap for it, but the RenderView only displays the outline of the grid and not the density data.

Is there a certain setting that needs to be included to visualize the density dataset? Below is a screenshot of what I’m seeing and the xmf file that I’m using.

 <?xml version="1.0" ?>
 <!DOCTYPE Xdmf SYSTEM "Xdmf.dtd" []>
 <Xdmf Version="3.0">
   <Domain Name="test_geom">
     <Grid Name="SpatialCollection" GridType="Collection" CollectionType="Spatial">
       <Grid Name="position_grid" Type="Uniform">
         <Topology TopologyType="3DRectMesh" NumberOfElements="192 108 11">
         <Geometry GeometryType="VXVYVZ">
           <DataItem Name="X" Format="HDF" NumberType="Float" Precision="8" Dimensions="192">
           <DataItem Name="Y" Format="HDF" NumberType="Float" Precision="8" Dimensions="108">
           <DataItem Name="Z" Format="HDF" NumberType="Float" Precision="8" Dimensions="11">
         <Attribute Name="density" AttributeType="Scalar" Center="Node">
           <DataItem Dimensions="192 108 11" NumberType="Float" Precision="8" Format="HDF">


Change your representation (dropdown box) from Outline to Surface (or some other representation)

You may also want to update your version of ParaView. Version 4.4.0 is ancient…