Rendering Erorrs with ParaView + Ospray

I am from Jülich Supercomputing Centre, Germany, and we would like to volume rendering some climate data with ParaView + Ospray.

Unfortunately we encountered a strange rendering error when the size of the data exceeds some (unknown) limit. Then some part of the grid is just not rendered and appears as missing line(s) in the image. This behaviour shows up with our self compiled ParaView versions 5.10 and 5.11 on our HPC systems (Linux), as well as with prebuild ParaView 5.11 downloaded from for Windows.

The error is not only related to our data, but can be reproduced easily by just using the wavelet source:

Any recommendations and help are appreciated.

Thanks and with best regards
Herwig Zilken

FYI @Dave_DeMarle @timothee.chabat

@zilken , looks like a bug. Could you open an issue on with precises steps to reproduce.

I was able to re-produce this error with 5.11.1-RC1 superbuild. I will write it up.

Here is the write up: