Representation of the glyph scale


I would like to know if there is the option of leaving my glyphs colored so that their intensity is shown.

Another option I would like to know (which would be more useful for my study) is if paraview can insert a caption, as if it were a scale of just one glyph saying how many m / s would be a glyph of that size.

For example, 1 cm equals 1 m / s


Change “Solid Color” to the variable of interest?

Sources/ Text?

All of these are covered in the tutorials under the Help Menu.

Only the Solid Color option appears

You are likely running into this: (I need to fix it).

As a workaround, you can have add a Calculator filter after your Slice filter. Set the expression to the name of the vector field variable. Now add the Glyph filter, and set the orientation array to the original vector array. You should now be able to color by the variable named “Result”, which is a copy of your input vector field.

Hello Cory,

I didn’t understand about “Set the expression to the name of the vector field variable”. Can you give me an example?

Enter point_vectors in the text box circled below:

Very good!

Thank you, Cory