Rerun test are too flexible in their naming usage

If a test named “Foo” fail and a test named “FooBar” fails, it looks like both will be rerun because of the failure of foo.

Exactly like what happened if ones run ctest -R Foo, Foo and FooBar will be run.

This should be improved, but I guess it’s on cmake side.
A way to improve that would be to never have a test name included within another test name.

An example of this actually happening :

pvcrs.XdmfReadStructuredGrid and pvcrs.XdmfReadStructuredGridCollection

It should be possible to place the test name within ^$ to the end of the name to prevent running the other matching tests, .e.g

ctest -R ^Foo$

Indeed, it works fine.

This change was pushed out to the buildbots.

great, thanks @cory.quammen