Resample Cell Data

Hi everyone,

I have two grids that overlap in X and Y perfectly but not in Z. I would like to resample a cell data property from one grid to the other. The built-in resample filter convert the cell data to point data and converting it back to cell data distorts the data (categorical data are interpolated). Any tips or tricks to accomplish what I’m trying to do?


Welcome to the ParaView community !

Could you include your data and/or screenshots ?

Thanks for your quick reply. The data are huge so I’m attaching the screenshots below

Original cell data:

Resampled to another grid as point data

Conversion to Cell data using the filter PointDataToCellData

Ideally I would like to get rid of all these extra halos on the last figure.


the PointData to CellData implies interpolation of the data in some cells, which create these artefacts. Which values are you expecting in these cells ?

Thanks Mathieu,
I was expecting the original data. As shown in my pictures. Ideally I wanted to resample original cell data to cell data in the second grid but there is no such filter.

Ok, I get it now. Indeed it looks like the Ressample with dataset filter does not support ressampling on cell.

Does the “another grid” cells are exactly present inside the original cell data ? or is the topology completely different ?