Resample with Dataset from structured mesh to unstructured points


I am trying to transfer data from a structured mesh (horizontal tube in fig 1) to the geometry with unstructured points (vertical tube in fig 1). I used Resample with dataset filter but in the output no data is transferred to the geometry as the data arrays become zero (please see fig 2).

Please tell me how to do it?

The pictures are here

The two datasets need to overlap in space for the filter to be able to resample the data. Try to use Transform filter to bring one on top of the other first.

For a more complete description of the resample filter see here.

Hi, tried transform filte and now both datasets overlap in space still the same problem is there. After resampling the arrays are empty.

Can you share the data ?

One file is here. I cannot attach the other one as it is larger than 4 MB
Unstructured.vtk (862.7 KB)

please find the other vtk file here data - Google Drive

Unstructured.vtk is malformed. It contains only points. Maybe you missed the cells ?

In unstructured.vtk, the data is written on the points not on the cells. Is it possible to use point to cell data filter to transfer it to cells first and then resampling?

Yes , but you will need to have also cells in the mesh to transfer the data.

Is it possible to generate cells from points in paraview?

Depending on the dataset you may be able to use Table To Structured Grid or Delaunay3D filters