Resample With Dataset Un-physical Results

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I have a question related to mapping the results of a CFD simulation from one mesh to another. Looking it up online I thought that the filter to do this was “Resample with Dataset”, but after seeing the results that I obtain from it, I’m not sure.

In short, I have the results of a CFD analysis that I want to map from its original mesh (on which the results were computed) to a coarser mesh that I want to use to run an acoustic simulation. I would then use the mapped results to interpolate the output field in another software (that I’ll use to run the acoustic simulation).

In Paraview I imported the CFD results and the acoustic mesh that I would like to use for the mapping. Next, I used the “Resample with Dataset” filter with the CFD results as the source and the acoustic mesh as the destination. The resulting resampling works correctly, except at the wall of the geometry (note that the geometry used for the acoustic mesh is identical to the geometry used for the CFD). Taking the speed of sound as an example, in the original CFD mesh, I had a speed of sound of circa 400 [m/s] at the wall of the geometry, while the output of the “Resample with Dataset” filter leads to a speed of sound between 0-100 [m/s] at the majority of the wall surface. The latter, after using it as input for the acoustic simulations, leads the simulation to crash. Note that I have a boundary layer refined wall for the acoustic mesh.

I tried to look for something about an erroneous mapping of the “Resample with Dataset” filter online, but could not find anything. Does anyone know what could be going wrong in my case? Are there any ways to fix it in Paraview?

Thanks in advance for your help! I am eagerly looking forward to hearing about potential solutions. Any help is highly appreciated.

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If the walls have curvature, the nodes on the walls of the CFD mesh and the acoustic mesh will not match. Hence, the Resample with Dataset filter results will be inaccurate because the nodes of the acoustic mesh are not in the CFD domain or on the walls of the CFD mesh.

Therefore, in order to pick up the values on the walls of the acoustic mesh correctly, the nodes on the walls of the acoustic mesh must be orthogonally projected onto the walls of the CFD mesh before picking up the values. However, this may require programming.