Resampling of multiple Planes

Hello everyone,

I have data on several x,y and z-planes on an irregularly sized grid exported to Ensight format and I would like to resample or bin the data on to a regularly sized grid.
I can roughly get what I want using ExtractBlock, a simple plane as a source aligned with the plane of interest and then ResampleWithDataset. However, for some odd reason there are still issues at interfaces between different domains that create odd artifacts. So my first question would be, if anyone else has experienced this before and found a remedy for this issue?

Somewhat related to this, I tried to use the EnsightWriter to export my plane of interest (ExtractBlock). However, whenever I do this, ParaView crashes prompting me with an “Invalid output port” and a "“Segmentation fault”. Again, is this a common issue with the EnsightWriter or am I overlooking something here?

Many thanks in advance for any advice on the issue!