Reset camera to closest in saving animation

I want ParaView to reset camera closest every time it moves from one file to the other in a time series while saving an animation. This is because the underlying mesh moves in my simulation with time. How can I achieve this? Without this, the data is moving out of the visualization window after a few time steps.

Hi @dutta-alankar

In the time manager you can add a “Python” animation track, and call ResetCamera on each timestep.

The problem is ResetCamera() isn’t giving the proper zoom on the data. Instead, using reset camera closest button does this job. However, using trace, I cannot seem to find the python command equivalent to pressing this button. Trace only gives values specific to any particular snapshot. So I’m unable to do this programmatically on all snapshots.

Here is what you need:

GetActiveView().ResetCamera(True, 0.9)

In the time manager, you can add a track Camera, Follow Data. This will move the camera with the data as it changes. That might also help.


This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot!