reset Paraview using a command line


I am using Paraview 5.9.0 on Ubuntu, I have made a change in the settings where I activated the parallel processing with min of 32 processors and now I can’t open paraview.

Is there a way to reset the setting using a command line so that it can go back to the original settings?


These are usually stored in $HOME/.config/ParaView*. You can move these directories out of the way to get a clean configuration.

Thanks for the answer Ben, these are in the .config/Paraview file: ParaView5.9.1.ini ParaView-UserSettings.json servers.pvsc

So I can empty the .config/Paraview and start Paraview again?

I’d save it off in case there’s something you still want there, but yes, making ParaView not find them anymore should get you a pristine configuration.

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Perfect, thanks!