ResetSession does not reduce memory usage for Paraview 5.11 RC1-MPI

I am trying to query data values at various points in a statically distributed unstructured mesh (pvtu file). I’m doing this by using mpiexec to launch pvbatch. This is a time series, and if I just read in each of the time steps as different readers using the time step filenames, then top shows me that the memory usage increases until the program is killed. To try to fix this problem, I’ve put ResetSession() at the end of my loop which does the data processing on each individual pvtu file. Additionally, I am using 5.11 RC1 because in prior versions that command hangs. However, even when I include ResetSession() the memory usage still continues to go up. The workaround suggested of using Disconnect() and Reconnect() also does not work because that just causes the program to hang.

Is there any possible way to keep the script from continuing to store all of the readers in memory?

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There could be a memory leak at the reader. What kind of files are you trying to read ?

@spyridon97 am using an XMLPartitionedUnstructuredGridReader to read .pvtu files. I searched the particular reader on the issues page and no issues (closed or open) come up.