ResliceCursor State management

I implemented state management for ResliceCursorWidget within the Glance codebase.I made changes to the src/store/Widgets.js file, and the code now looks like this.

export default ({ proxyManager }) => ({
    // reslice
    resliceStates: {}, // dataset id -> reslice state
mutations: {
  setResliceState(state, { datasetId, data }) {
     state.resliceStates[datasetId] = Array.from(data);
  rewriteProxyIds(state, { sources: idMapping }) {
     state.resliceStates = remapIdKeys(state.resliceStates, idMapping);
actions: {
        setResliceState: wrapMutationAsAction('setResliceState'), //Reslice State
       pxmProxyCreated: {
           root: true,
           handler({ state }, { proxy, proxyId }) {
                if (proxyId in state.resliceStates) {
                     const data = state.resliceStates[proxyId];
                     const filter = getCropFilter(proxyManager, proxy);
                     if (filter) {

I’m confused because setCroppingPlanes is displayed in the crop widget in the pxmProxyCreated.
I searched the CropWidget documentation but found nothing similar to setCroppingPlanes. Now that Reslice is available, I’m wondering what will replace setCroppingPlanes in Reslice. Will it be UpdateReslicePlane?

setCroppingPlanes is a method on the CropWidget state, so it’s specific to the crop widget.

I would assume you would need to call UpdateReslicePlane. You can also look at the example code to see if there’s anything else you will need.