Resolution of Glyph Type Sphere

Dear Paraview Developers/Users:

I’m new to Paraview and I used Glyph filter to represent points as spheres by choosing ‘Glyph Type’ to ‘Sphere’. Currently the spheres have relatively sharp edges and corners, how can I increase their resolution so that the spheres appears to be smoother?


You have a couple of options. The first option is to open the advanced properties for the Glyph filter (by clicking on the pqAdvanced26 icon). When you do that, you should see new options listed under Glyph Type. For the sphere, if you increase the size of Theta Resolution and Phi Resolution you will get smoother spheres (with the consequence of more polygons being generated).

The second option is to get rid of the Glyph filter and instead render the output of the Table To Points directly with the Point Gaussian representation. This will use special rendering shaders to render the points as perfectly round spheres. The use of the Point Gaussian representation is described in this blog post:

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Hi Xikai,

It’s really easy. We hid these commands, however! ParaView has so many controls for the Properties tab that we hide the less commonly used commands. What you are looking for is on the Advanced Properties tab. Click on the little gear
to the right of the Search input box, right below the blue ?.


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OK, I see. Thank you for your quick replies!

Ken’s always one step ahead… :slight_smile: