Resolution of Sphere Glyph in pvpython

How can I change Theta Resolution and Phi Resolution of Sphere Glyphs in pypython? When I change them in the GUI and check the Python trace, these attributes don’t show up.

Here is what the trace provide:

# Properties modified on sphere1
sphere1.ThetaResolution = 80
sphere1.PhiResolution = 80

Thanks for your response. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to work. Note that I’m writing about Sphere glyphs, not a Sphere source.

glyph1 = Glyph()
glyph1.GlyphType = 'Sphere'
glyph1.ThetaResolution = 80 # AttributeError: Attribute ThetaResolution does not exist.
glyph1.PhiResolution = 80
glyph1.GlyphType.ThetaResolution = 80 
glyph1.GlyphType.PhiResolution = 80

Should do the trick. There is indeed a trace bug here.

That’s it! Thank you for your help.