Restore state with files on remote server is hanging

I have a state file (on the client side) that I’m trying to open. The datasets are on the server side (Andes at OLCF)

I’m doing the following steps:

  • Fire up PV 5.10.0
  • connect to server
  • restore state file. I’ve tried all three options for locating the files, but PV just hangs.

Not sure if this makes a difference, but the state file has 2 datasets opened. One is a timevarying dataset and the other is static. Not sure this is part of the issue.


Hi Dave,

  • What you are trying to do sounds correct. No clue what is going on.
  • Do the state files match versions? If not, that could be the issue.
  • Try to think small. With ParaView open client/server, open can.exo. Save State. Reset Session Load State. Does that work?
  • If so, now, start itterating on making the original state file. Load one dataset. Save/Reset/Load state. Try the other. Try both.
  • You have Ken in your back pocket, use him!
  • I could Teams/ meet with you this afternoon if you want to show me.

Ok, thanks for verifying I’m doing what’s right.

I’ll do as you suggest and let you know if I’m still stuck.
Ken’s on vacation this week (c:

Oh, and use the defaults for location. You can redirect where the state file is looking, I don’t know what that would do with two datasets.