Revert time series

Hi All,

Is it possible to revert the frame order so that the animation starts at the end and goes back in time?
I would like to seed tracers at the end of a simulation and see where they have originated from.
So it is not just a visualisation thing but would be used for post processing…
I can revert the velocity field but I also need to revert the frame or dataset order…


There is not a way I can think of. But that’s not a bad idea.

One option is to apply the Temporal Shift Scale filter with Scale set to -1. Now when you hit Play, the timeseries will be iterated in reverse order

You can go to the Animation View (menu View -> Animation View) a double-click on the TimeKeeper bar. That will pop up a dialog box that will allow you to change the time value passed to the pipeline objects. By default, it is set to Animation Time (that is, the pipeline objects get the same time as the animation time). You can change that to Variable Time to set up some custom interpolations of time. Once you click the Variable Time radio button, click New to create your initial keyframes, and set the values to go from the end time to the start time.

Thanks for the suggestions. I am going to give it a try.