right-click context menu will failed to find the correct position when set View-->Preview that not supported

Version: 5.10.0-RC1

When try to right-click the block, it seems failed to find the correct position, from below picture it cannot identify when clicked on block:

This is only failed when set View–>Preview and choose on resolution that is not supported by my pc

Hi sharon, thanks for reporting this. It appears that it is a bug. We will write it up.

@phismith Please write this up. Sandia. Ask me for priority. Be sure to post the link back here.

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HI Sharon,
I am sorry it took so long for me to get to this, but I have written it up as a bug and here is issue # 22174. As Alan said, we do appreciate the feed back and are happy to help when we can.


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Never mind, Thank you very much for your reply and action!