Right way to load .pvtu files for partitioned data


I have a solution which was run on 3 processors using mpirun command. The solvers utility re-constructed the partitioned data and generated a .pvtu file and 10 .vtu files. If I drag and drop the .pvtu file into ParaView it shows only a partial domain data and not the complete domain.

All the files are kept in the same parent directory like this:
|-- ParentDir
| |-- case.pvtu
| |-- case_vtu
| | |-- proc0.vtu
| | |-- proc1.vtu
| | |-- proc2.vtu

I simply drag the case.pvtu file into ParaView.

Is there a different process to load partitioned data into ParaView ?

Turns out that I was not using the solver’s utility correctly. The issue is solved from my side.