Run ParaviewWeb Visualizer in browser

I follow this link: visualizer github
I don’t know how run the project in the browser?.
when I open the index.html from src folder in browser and I get:

I need help.

ParaView Visualizer need a server. Could you explain what you’ve done?
Did you do something similar to what is listed here?

I did this:

I don’t understand your link.
What exactly should I do there?


Do you have a ParaView installed? The Visualizer executable should show you the command line it is running which should looks like what you find from my link.

$ ./bin/pvpython                                                 
    --content ./share/paraview-5.4/web/visualizer/www/             
    --data $PWD/share/paraview-5.4/data                         
    --port 8080

BTW, Visualizer is bundled with ParaView which means you don’t need to clone the repo unless you want to develop on it.

Yes, I have a ParaView installed.
What this command do?
and how run the visualizier client in browser?

What is the output of the command line Visualizer ?
Did you try to provide the path to ParaView with the --paraview argument?

In your listing you put what you wrote, but I want to see the output of your $ Visualizer command.

Visualizer is a client/server application. The browser is just a client connecting to the server you are starting.

OK, I bownloaded the files from here
I run the commands from your link:

  1. cd ParaView-5.4.0-Qt4-OpenGL2-MPI-Windows-64bit - success.
  2. .\bin\pvpython.exe - success.
  3. share\paraview-5.4\web\visualizer\server\ - show error:

Yes that error make total sense. Also why don’t you use ParaView 5.6 which is the latest release?

The command line listed as example is a single command not several. Also that command is actually what the Visualizer executable is supposed to print and execute to tell you what it is doing.

The --paraview argument is used to actually find the pvpython executable. If not provided, Visualizer will fail as it needs pvpython to run the server script. (See the error you are running into now)

Basically that Visualizer executable is to help users by not writing a lengthy command line with complex paths.