Running Interactive Paraview on a Azure Virtual Machine?


I have seen some past posts mentioning workarounds as downloading unofficial repositories which includeds something called Mesa to replace OpenGL rendering on a Virtual Machine.

My question is then, will there ever come official support on running Paraview in a GUI on a Windows 10 virtual machine? My VM even has a GPU, but it seems that Paraview might not register it properly.

Perhaps I am the one doing something wrong?

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I think you want a Linux VM with GPU so you can use the EGL build of ParaView.

The client can still be on Windows.

Okay, so if I had a Linux VM with a GPU, I could use the VM GPU as the renderer, while viewing files on the VM through my local computer?

Is it not possible to just have the interactive Paraview work on the Windows VM directly? Is that not a common use case / need for most people doing simulations?

Just asking, because that is how I have always used Paraview, so perhaps my workflow has been wrong from the start.

Kind regards

You can use any OS on the VM and client but as far as I know, the GPU acceleration on a headless system is only available via EGL which I believe only exist on Linux.

If your VM is not headless, and you have all the OpenGL capability, you should not have any issue.

My only usage of cloud machine is headless, so I am bias from that assumption I guess.

Maybe I’m not understanding what you are doing on Azure and what is the issue that you are trying to solve.

Is your question more “how to install opengl drivers so ParaView can work on azure?”.
If that is your question, I’m hoping that Azure provide such documentation for their system?