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I’ve been using ParaView frequently in virtual machines without hardware OpenGL available. This worked fine using the --mesa options. Unfortunately they are broken in the 5.6.1 and 5.6.2 releases, and seem to bet not available at all for the latest 5.7.0-RC4.

The same problems applies to working on remote servers e.g. via x2go. I’m aware of pvserver, which is great for some use cases, but often x2go is more convenient for our users.

How can a recent ParaView be used in a VM? Is --mesa still supported? Is there a replacement?

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In ParaView 5.7.0, there is a new way to run with the mesa libraries.


paraview-mesa paraview

You can also add a --backend argument to specify whether llvmpipe and swr is used for rendering.

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Please refrain from posting questions on unrelated posts. That just makes the conversation harder to follow.

Feel free to reply to your original post (which I couldn’t find) requesting help again.


Yes, please.

excellent, works perfectly. Thanks a lot for the info!

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