running paraview on headless node with Xvfb

I needed to use offscreen rendering pvbatch script on a headless node (no screen or graphics card involved). The most obvious/easiest thing is to use Xvfb plus the cluster system is an old Centos6 with not the most up-to-date PV version, hence re-building the PV or upgrading the Centos is the least option. I read the doc ( and this thread (, but both did not offer much about the Xvfb option.

My question is whether you tried to do the same in the past, and if you had could you provide some tips and share your experience regarding this topic? Or whether it will be a troublesome task running PV on a headless node with XVfb, and that I would be better off to build using either OSMesa or EGL instead?

Many thanks for your time and attention.