running python scripts with load state for parafoam

I’m trying to automate generating animations with parafoam using a python script.

The script loads a state file, chooses the view of interest and creates an animation of that view. I’m currently unable to load the state file.

Currently, the script:

from paraview.simple import

returns :

I/O    : uncollated
Aborted (core dumped)

I unable to figure out what this error means. Is parafoam unable to load the state file or is there an error in the state file itself?

Im currently running the script on the terminal using the command:
LD_PRELOAD=/opt/paraviewopenfoam56/lib/ /opt/paraviewopenfoam56/bin/pvpython

I have also noticed that the author in Auto-Load OpenFOAM files and State [SCRIPTS INCLUDED] uses LoadState instead of servermanager.LoadState

Most notably, servermanager.LoadState does not allow arguments like LoadStateDataFileOptions which is allowed in LoadState.

What is the correct command to be used if I’m using parafoam on a server?

Thank you for the reading through

Hi @rho_viz ,

This forum is about ParaView, not parafoam.

However, you should be able to try your script with ParaView. Just download the ParaView release here: