Running Python without opening shell in Paraview GUI from Bash


I want to run a bash file in which I open up Paraview and run a series of filters from the script. How do I do that?



This is a standard usage for pvpython.

Thanks. I was able to run pvpython on my local machine. I want to be able to run paraview on another machine through ssh. I used ssh -X but it is failing. Could you please give me any input on this problem? Also, I am using a trace to setup automated processing. I want to save a state of the stuff I am doing. But it does not record on the trace. Is there another function in order to record the save state function?


Do not use -X or -Y with ParaView
Do not use -X or -Y with pvpython
Do not use -X or -Y with pvbatch

It is not supported and never will be.

You have to use the client/server mode of ParaView, take a look here :