save an extracted surface to vtp format

Hi ParaView team,

I tried to extract surface and save it to a vtp format. However, when I load the saved .vtp file, I lose the surface but only the outline. Please see below for the figures. The first figure shows the extractsurface based on the ‘TH_Dutch_ates_new.h5’. It looks good. I export the scene and save it as ‘test.vtp’. Then I load the vtp file but it does not show properly (the second figure).

I am new to ParaView and would appreciate any help for this.



ps. I am using ParaView 5.7 on a Linux system.

Try Save Data instead of Export Scene.

Hi Kenneth,

Thanks for your reply.

But I do need the format of *.vtp which I do not find from the available types in ‘save data’.

Is there any other way to obtain a *.vtp file?



If your dataset is a multi-block before running the extract surface, you will need to run Merge bocks.

The information tab will tell you the type of data you have and indeed the Save Data is the way to go. Just make sure the Extract Surface filter is selected when you trigger the Save Data.

Thank you so much, Sebastien. It works!