Save animation as a series of objects?

I just saved an animation in PV that is generated by some filter as a numbered series of objects: First go to step 0, “save data” (filename00.vtu), go to step 1, save data as filename01.vtu, etc. etc. This works nicely: Afterwards I can simply load this sequence and repeat the animation without the (rather complex) initial filter.

But I was asking myself whether there is not an easier way to achieve this!? I know that there is a “save animation” function in the File menu, but that generates movies, not a sequence of data objects. Is there any trick that I am missing so far?

Thanks for helpful hints!

In the options dialog box (after the file browser), turn on the Write timesteps as file-series option.


Also, with 5.9, Extract Generators together with File > Save Extracts can be used to achieve the same effect.

Thanks to both!

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