save Data of GroupDatasets Filter saves only part of data

Hi there,

I use a GroupDatasets filter on three IntegrateVariables filters with the main goal to save this three filters over time. However it is only saved one of the three filters - the last row shown in SpreadSheetview of the GroupDatasets filter.

Using Export Scene or Export SpreadSheet I get all three rows, one for every filter - but can’t save them over time.
Is there something I am missing? Shouldn’t saving Data of GroupDatasets get me all the data that is grouped?

(Additional Infos: The three integrated datasets are obtained from one case (CFD, Openfoam) and are parts of the same mesh seperated by Isovolume. In the end I want to calculated the energy of every isovolume to check if the energy intake from my heatsource is working correctly).

Edit: looking into the saved data I found out that “Save Data” is not saving all the Data from the highlighted integratedVariables filter. For example the for me essential volume value is left out. So I have found no option yet to save the needed data over all time steps. maybe I will find an approach using python.