Save Geometry function for a 1-step/time model

I want to export the model for ParaViewWeb. The model has only one step (time). I am using File --> Save Geometry... in the GUI, or WriteAnimationGeometry in the Python Shell.
As a result, one PVD file is created, and also 10 sets of VTM and VTP files for 10 dummy steps with the same data. The resulting file structure for my model is shown in the figure.
The question is how to export a 1-step/time model so that only one set of files is obtained, without dummy data?

You problably want to use File → SaveScene then.

Our web server needs VTP files.
The model has a vtkMultiBlockDataSet hierarchy.
When I export a file using Export Scene, it seems that only one block of data is saved.
At the same time, Save Geometry saves all blocks with all solution results (as shown in the above picture: solid, shell, more shell, beam)
The Save Geometry function solves my problem, but exports the necessary data 10 times in a row, which slows down the work

Looks like you need to disable animation ? In any case I’m unable to reproduce your issue. Please share exact steps to reproduce.

Here’s an example model. It has only one step/time of results. It was created using ZSoil FEA geotechnical software. Next I use the Save Geometry function without any other post-processing (3.5 MB)

The right view is the saved data as vtp from the extract surface filter.

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Thank you! What function did you use to get the VTP file? Export Scene? I tried to reproduce and check the VTP file using an online service vtk.js. But not successfully yet (results are not displayed, even displacements)

Just did “Save Dataset” and picked the vtp format when selecting the Extract Surface filter.

all.vtp (198.8 KB)

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