Save geometry of a scalar clip for all times

Hello all,

I am trying to save a volume from the scalar clip filter. I used save geometry option and it seems everything went good and saved clips from all the time steps in a folder with vtm files corresponding to time steps with a .pvd file post.pvd (289 Bytes) outside that folder. But when i try to load the .pvd file I only see geometry from the latest time step, even though i have all the geometry files saved as .vtm files in the folder, i am unable to visualize all the times with .pvd file automatically. After i opened the .pvd file i have seen a piece of code writen in xml, and it seems i have to add some kind of loop to open all times using .pvd file. But i dont know how to do that. Any ideas what to add in .pvd file? or any other way to visualize all times from this .pvd file?

Hi Nikhil,
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Try using the File/ Save Data option. Then, after you chose a file name, and hit the next dialog, read it. You want to select “Write Timesteps as file series”.


Hi Alan,
Thanks for the reply. Do you mean, after selecting the file name and hitting ok. After hitting ok there is no pop-up, to read or to do select anything else. After giving the file name and pressing ok, saves the file, and the dialogue box closes.



ok, i figured it out. it seems i can see those options you are talking about, comes in to play when i select to save it in vtp format, exodus, xdmf and not with cgns. And with vtp, i dont see any data reader file created to read all those .vtp files together, created. With exodus, it says time changing morphology is not supported yet. With xdmf, everything works good but the data written is quite heavy in memory. saving with csv file creates a .e file, but with it i can only read starting time, no idea how to read all times with it. I think best way would be to save all times in vtp file fomat and access all the files using pvd file with some bash scripting along with sed to add times in to the xml code to open all vtp files automatically. This seems, takes less memory and good enough.