Save Model with Mesh Quality applied

Hello all,
I am a complete beginner when it comes to Paraview and generally 3D modeling, meshing, etc. I am currently working on a university project where we need to display the mesh quality of different 3D models on a website. The 3D models are available as STL, is there somehow the possibility to save the filter “Mesh quality” as 3D object?
Thanks a lot!

You can always use File/Save Data... to save the mesh. However, depending on the chosen file format, the many data arrays that contains the mesh quality values will be saved or not. Indeed, most 3D file formats only consider graphical features like colors, textures coordinates or normals, of course this is not the case of scientific visualization formats (like VTK, XDMF, etc.). So if you want to export a set of mesh colored with a given array, I fear there is no such feature in ParaView - but it could be added through the development of a plugin.
Hope this helps,