Save multiblock data to CSV

My question is about saving data to a csv file.
I’m trying to save the slice of multiblock cgns. Earlier (before version 5.7) I was getting a set of csv files separately for each block. Now (version 5.8) I get one file.
The problem is that this file contains data for only one block.

Can you please tell me how to avoid this error?
Thanks in advance.

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Indeed, this is a bug. It has been partially corrected by saving all blocks in a single file, this fix will be available in ParaView 5.9.0. You can try it by downloading a nightly release.

There is another issue to be able to write the blockId in the csv file as well, see here :

Dear Mathieu,

thank you for the answer.
The information about the block Id will actually be very useful. Looking forward to the new release.

I’m afraid the block Id issue has not been funded yet so it is not prioritized. Let us know if you would be interested with that.

Yes indeed, I believe that the block Id will be useful for further data post-processing.
In addition, it will be a smooth transition from saving each block in a separate file to saving all blocks in one.