Save Multiple Animations at Once

I’ve set up multiple, fairly complex, layouts composed of multiple data sets, and I want to animate them over time steps. Is there a way to save images for all of my layouts simultaneously so that I don’t have to load/unload the data multiple times? The only way I know of to do it is through the scripting interface, and I was looking for something easier.

File->SaveAnimation should do the trick

The Save Animation dialog can save multiple views from the same layout, but not multiple layouts, as far as I can tell.

Right, I’m afraid this is not supported yet.

Yeah, and I can understand why that would be. Choosing many different filenames, for instance, would be cumbersome.

Perhaps a checkbox to enable it, and then Paraview automatically creates subfolders using the names of the layouts, and uses the same filename in each?

Here’s what my setup looks like, for example.


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