Save part of a mesh with a format readable by gmsh

Hi all,

I analyze result with Paraview and would like to save the mesh used into 2 parts according to the results to later refine one of them. The 2 extracted meshes from my initial domain should in a readable format for gmsh. Is there a way of doing it?

Thanks a lot!

What format can gmsh read ?

gmsh can read .msh (favored option), .mesh, .stl and .vtk

ParaView can save in .msh, .stl and .vtk, so try with .msh first, then .vtk.

Thanks, using Paraview 5.12 I managed to load the .msh (with the GmshIO plugin). Now I would like to split it in two parts and save them separately in part1.msh and part2.msh.

Here is a small example: a coarse 3D mesh in the .msh format tmp.msh (1.2 MB)

For instance I would like to save the bottom box is a bottom.msh file and the tube and top box in tube-top.msh

After clipping a part of my geometry, I use Save Data and I see multiple option to save the mesh (cgns, xmf, vtm, …) but I do not see the .msh. Can you help me with this?

Thanks a lot!

First you need to add a “Merge Blocks” filter so that your data is not composite but a single unstructured grid.

Then you can save in .msh format