save selected surfaces from ExtractSurface

I have an Ensight case file which has several domains. After loading the complete file, I used the extract surface filter and then identified a subset of the all the surfaces to save to an STL file. Currently save data saves all the files and all surfaces from the same flow domain together rather than the selections in the ExtractSurface filter.

I want to save a selected number of surfaces to STL not all the surfaces. Is there a way to do this ?

After you have selected the surfaces of interest you may use Extract Selection filter and then save its result. See also here for examples of selecting and extracting data.

Thanks Christos. I was able to create an ExtractSelection.

Now I was to save this set of surfaces as an STL file. Is there a suitable way to do this ? The sequence I followed to get to this set of surfaces is

  • Load Ensight case
  • Create ExtractSurface,
  • Create ExtractSelection as above
    Dummy names are still there as only a few of the names have surfaces associated with them. I want to save this files as stl or obj files. Are there any steps to do this ?

Here is your steps visualized:
A: Select the data based on your surface ids or any other variable that defines them.
B: Click Find Data to perform the selection
C: Click Extract to create a new object in the pipeline.

This will create a new object in the pipeline browser. Having the object selected, you may go to File > Save Data and save it to a new file.