SaveAnimation from pvpython doesn't take FrameRate option into account

Hello there,

I’m using pvpython to automate movies generation but somehow the FrameRate option is not working and defaults to 10 fps. Note that I’m writing to a .avi file When running the paraview gui this however works. I don’t have a MWE because the files are copiously heavy but I could send these via email if necessary.

Paraview versions is the lastest from master branch compiled on my machine but I’ve tested 5.4.1 from the ubuntu repository and 5.6.0 from paraview’s website.


I would suggest writing to .png file instead and creating the movie afterwards with a tool like ffmpeg.
I will have greater control over the framerate and other parameters.

Also, you probably need to switch the animation type to sequence in order to make sure the number of generated frame is correct.