I have an issue using SaveAnimation if running in batch mode only when using a *.pvti.series JSON collection of files.

if running client-server in interactive mode, no problem, SaveAnimation() will save ALL my timesteps. Moving to a batch-only animation with pvbatch, SaveAnimation() only saves exactly 10 frames, no matter if I give no options, of if I give a FrameWindow[] range.

I suspect it is using some default value (10), and ignoring the number of timestepValues my reader advertizes. This is both with 5.5.2 or PV master.

I have replaced SaveAnimation() by the following code

for i, ts in enumerate(reader.TimestepValues):
renderView1.ViewTime = ts
SaveScreenshot(format(’/scratch/snx3000/jfavre/Ablass/Moviecode2/foo.%05d.png’ % (i)))

and it saves ALL frames.

Why wouldn’t


work with all frames?
Any advice?


@cory.quammen pointed me in the right direction by saying that the default animation mode in SaveAnimation is Sequence mode. This mode defaults to 10 frames, and interpolates time at 10 evenly spaced increments between the start and end time of your sequence. The correct fix was to set

animScene = GetAnimationScene()
animScene.PlayMode’=‘Snap To TimeSteps’

before calling SaveAnimation()