SaveData: how to list extra options in python scripts?

I would like to see what are the available extra options for SaveData in python.
I’ve tried something similar to what I’ve done for OpenDataFile:

    export = SaveData('output.csv', proxy=plotOnIntersectionCurve, PointDataArrays=['arc_length'])
    for prop in export.ListProperties():
        print(f'export: {prop}={export.GetPropertyValue(prop)}')

which fails with an exception:

AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'ListProperties'

Thanks for any hints

That depends on the proxy created. In your case, it is the DelimitedTextWriter proxy with a few properties.

Use CreateWriter to find out about these properties:

['AddMetaData', 'AddTime', 'AddTimeStep', 'FieldAssociation', 'FieldDelimiter', 'FileName', 'Filenamesuffix', 'Input', 'Precision', 'StringDelimiter', 'UseScientificNotation', 'UseStringDelimiter', 'WriteTimeSteps', 'WriteTimeStepsSeparately', 'CellDataArrays', 'ChooseArraysToWrite', 'EdgeDataArrays', 'FieldDataArrays', 'PointDataArrays', 'RowDataArrays', 'VertexDataArrays']