Saving animations takes too long

It takes long time to save animations as .ogv, .png, and … . This issue gets worse when I add other data by importing as .pvd formats and … ; It seems ParaView read them and extract them for each saving steps which result in a more time-consuming saving e.g. in one of my case with 10000 timesteps, which case folder have opened by foam.foam file, without adding particles by .pvd format files, animation will be saved in about 4 hours, relatively same as its solving execution time for the case. But with adding that particle files, it is going to take about 14 hours. I, mostly, save animations by using .png formats and then attaching them to each other. Increasing fps number has not any satisfying effects in one of my tries by .ogv format.
These long time savings do not seem logical, saving animations takes time more than solving duration :thinking: :roll_eyes:

Is it needed to do specify any other additional setting to speed it up, which I missed?
Is there any other way to prepare and save animations more faster?
Which system components have direct effects on the speed?

I would be very grateful for any help and suggestion.

Which version of ParaView are you using ?

ParaView version 5.9.0. CPU is corei5 gen1, RAM 16g, Graphic GDDR5 256 bit 1g or 2g (weak comparing to other components). I have tried to make animation by laptop: ParaView version 5.10.1 on CPU corei7 gen8, RAM 8g, Graphic GDDR5 128bit 4g, it will takes about 4 hours (time was reduced to 1/3 comparing to that system).

You may want to play around with the TemporalCache filter

Thanks, I will try it.

Another idea is to not output screenshots for 10,000 timesteps. Maybe only save every tenth timestep? This is done in the View/ Animation View. Change the Stride.

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