Saving CSV files result in two sets of files

I am saving data from a simulation in Peridigm, loaded in the Exodus-II format. I save data as CSV-files. Irrespective of whether I choose to save all time steps or not, using scientific notation or not, saving cell data or point data, it allways results in two sets being generated. One on the form: [filename]0.[timestep#].csv, and the other, similarily: [filename]1.[timestep#].csv

The data in the “1” csv-files makes sense, whereas the data in the “0” csv-files seems pretty off. I am not sure why this happens though. Also, they don’t contain the same amount of rows, but the same amount of data columns for some reason.

Perhaps it is related to the Peridigm software, since I can’t seem to find any mention of this happening anywhere. Would be grateful for any sort of explanation.

Welcome to ParaView @mastde.

You must be using ParaView 5.6 or earlier. In those versions, a separate CSV file was written for each block in a multiblock dataset. Your Exodus II file is like read as having more than one block, hence you are getting one file for each block. Feel free to ignore the file with “bogus” data. That likely comes from a root node in the multiblock dataset that doesn’t have any data of interest.

Starting with ParaView 5.7, all blocks are now written into the same file.

Yes, I am using the paraview available in the ubuntu 18.04-lts apt-get repository, which is version 5.4.1 , and using two different blocks in my simulation domain. Might try to install a fresh installation. Both of my blocks are supposed to be used however, as they represent different materials, so perhaps I am missing information by disregarding my bogus block?

The information in the second file could make sense given the different behaviour of the materials, and my defect simulation. My boundary condition nodes are specified as node sets, and not blocks, which is why perhaps the information might be useful anyway.

Thank you very much, this makes things much more clear.