Saving data for large amount of time steps

Dear all,
I want to save 200000 2D snapshot CSV data from 200000 3D array files. I added a slice and showed the spreadsheet of the data for the slice. Then I click File->save data and I click write all time steps. See below.

Then Paraview starts to save CSV files. Due to the huge amount of files I need to save. Paraview is killed after it saved 8853 CSV files. Maybe it is due to the leak of memory.
The version of Paraview I used is 3.14.1. Could anybody tell me how I can save the 200000 files without Paraview being killed?
Best regards,
Wentao Guo


3.14.1 is a very old version of ParaView so here is what I would do in your situation :

  • Try with the last release of ParaView 5.5.2 (and keep using it, you are missing lots of features and bugfixes)
  • If bug is still present, build paraview in debug and figure out what is causing the bug (leak ? max int ?) and see if it can be fixed.
  • If it cannot be fixed, instead of working in the GUI with 200000 files, write a pvpython scripts to process your file by batch of 5000.

Le me know if you need help with any of this steps.

Thanks. I will follow your suggestions.

And I would recommend using Linux version, because I have a lot of problems with large arrays in 5.x.x compiled for Windows. And no such bugs in Linux build. Personally, when I was using 3.x 2 years ago, it was much more stable under Win

Thanks. What Iā€™m using now is the Linux version.