saving data in .h5 format

I have a huge data from a CFD Simulation around 20GB. But I need only a certain region in the entire domain which is of interest. Using Paraview I could use Extract Cells by region filter and using box I could extract the region. Is there any way to save the the data In this extracted box as .h5 format which can be read by convergecfd reader, if I can trace the script till this point I can use this script to convert other data files to get a smaller set of data files and then use it for further analysis.

Hi @Ramesh_Kolluru

.h5 is not a format. It is a container.
You may want to save for CONVERGE CFD .h5 file, however ParaView does not support that.

You can save into .cgns, which is a hdf5 based format, but not sure if CONVERGE CFD is able to open it.


Hi Matheiu,

All that I wanted is after applying the filter extract cells by region can we save the subset of the domain in what ever format it may be so that I can open that particular file for further analysis and do not repeat the whole process of doing the extraction again.
If this is possible can you explain me the steps.

File → Save Data… will bring you to a file dialog and let you save your extracted cells to a file format that ParaView can write. If it doesn’t matter which format, I suggest either “ParaView Data Files (.pvd)” or one of the “VTK *” formats.