Saving Data. Openfoam

I am trying to save an openfoam simulation result using openfoam. But when i try to save the results, there is inconstancy in the shape of the file that is generated. That is if the first file (first time step 0.05) has say 720 rows, the final step has around 1220 rows. Is this expected or should i change something to force the data to be saved in a particular interval.
If anyone has any insights, please help me with this. Thanks

this is the step that i followed.

  1. Open the data – file → open—> .foam → Apply
  2. Slice the data in the y-direction —> YNormal (default values are taken) and unchecked the show plane–> Apply
  3. Contour by phi → contour by alpha.water → value range 0.5
  4. saving the data → select contour → file–>save_data–>filename–> checked write time steps, field association point data, add time → Ok


Can you share an image of the issue ?

Yes, sure. Here is the data

this is the final timstep data ( 10s), which has 1248 rows

but where as the first timsetp data (0.05s) has only 1246 rows

similar is with other timestep data 2.6s has 1286 rows

is there something wrong in the way which i extract the data ?

. But when i try to save the results, there is inconstancy in the shape of the file that is generated.

What do you mean by shape ?

i mean total rows.

Please share your data and precise steps to reproduce.

Yes, I understand. But , the total file of 2.5Gb. Is there a way ?

but which mail should i sent it to ?

Sorry, i was not aware of the link facility.
Here is the link to the data. the data has been spitted into two files (due to size limitation)

Do you contour by p or alpha.water ? Or maybe you are creating two contours ?

just using one contour. i am using only alpha.water

Well, there is no reason for your contour to have a static number of points, some variability is expected.

what i meant was, can we sample at equal interval (x-cordinate; point0) for all the timesteps so that we get a static number for all the data ?

PlotDataOverLine seems to be what you are looking for.

ok. Thanks Mathieu.
I will try your suggestion.