Saving data with time steps

I have a simulation with time steps that are not spaced evenly. I am using the save data to export my model at PLY files for each time step. Is there a way to also export the time values per step so that I can post process my data in the time steps that are according to the simulation? Thanks.

I just dealt with a similar situation. I write out a collection, and as an attribute, each file gets a timestep stamp. That should do it, no?

If you want to specify the time for each ply file, you may want to create an additional series file (*.ply.series) as shown below:
sample.7z (208.2 KB)

I am currently using the save data form and the PLYWriter is configured with a suffix _%.3d for zero padding, I am enabling coloring. With write time steps checked, this creates all the PLY files for each time step, but there is no information for the time value. I have found that I can save the data as ascii txt, but this takes a long time with my hundreds of time steps and a large amount of data for just the time indices.

I have tried to find how to create this file. I don’t see it in the save data form with the PLYWriter. Is it located somewhere else as an option?

No, there is no option to output a series file, you need to create it by yourself (using a script or something).

I see. Thank you. I will look into scripting with Python in ParaView