saving multiple vtp files to csv at once


I am very new to coding/paraview etc. I have run a DEM model in MFIX software, and to extract the data they suggest using paraview.

I have a model with 16,000 sand grains moving in a box over a series of time steps. I have 2000 .vtp files containing the particle ID, velocity and coordinates of all these particles.

I want to save all the particle data for each time step to a .csv file to use in microsoft excel. Is there a way I can save all the time step data in one go rather than each time time individually?


PlotDataOvertTime and uncheck “Only Report Selection Statistics” should do the trick.

Thank you for your response.

Will PlotDataOverTime save the data? I have done the steps you suggested and paraview shows me a graph?

Yes ? You can save the data if you want.

Im sorry I don’t know if my original question was clear as I am slightly confused.
I have 2000 individual .vtp files where each one of them contains particle ID and coordinates for a single time step.
I can import all of these files into paraview and see the spreadsheet for each time step.
I can save each of these files individually into an excel file, but I have 2000 of these and dont want to have to do this individually. Can I bulk save all of these into excel in one go?

Yes, you can, open them as a file series and then save.

Thank you for your response. I am sorry this is my first time using paraview.

How do I open a file series? Do you just mean open all the files in one go?

A file series are files named like this:


You can open all the files together in ParaViez by chooosing file…vtp in the open dialog.

I can open multiple .vtp files in one go as seen in the screenshot i’ve attached.

I then highlight all the files and go to file>save data. Is this correct?
Then I get a ‘configure writer’ pop-up like this, which has the following options. If I check ‘write time steps’ will this write a .csv file for each one of those .vtp files?

Nope, open as a file series:

Thank you, i understand now.

I have opened the file series, and can understand how to save the data.
I want to save the point Id, velocity and coordinates for each time step, but when I try and save the data it does not give me the option to save this, and i only get diameter and velocity. Could you suggest a way to get all the data?

Add a calculator filter before saving, this would let you add the coordinates of the points as a data array.
For the pointId, you can use the GenerateIds filter.

I have managed to get the coordinates to save, however I have used the generateid’s filter and this shows up in paraview, but not when I export the data, as seen in the screenshots.

When i apply this filter, is there anything I need to do to make it export with the other data?

Add the generateId filter on the calculator instead of adding it to your file in the pipeline browser