Saving sorted data from spreadsheet

I want to save sorted data from the spreadsheet for all time steps.

By default, data is saved in the following format where block numbers are in ascending order for all time steps.
I used the option: File > Save Data

But I want to save data in the following order where block numbers are in descending order. I can save data manually in this order but the time steps are huge.

I am using Paraview-5.10.0.

Thank you


Use the SaveSpreadsheet button, here:


Hi @mwestphal
I think this option is used for the current time step.
I have total 500 time steps and if I use this option for each time one by one; this will take huge time.

Is there any other way?
Thank you

I’m afraid ParaView is not a table editor. You may want to do the final step in excel or something similar.