Saving state and transferring it to another computer


I did my post processing in a server and transferred the file to another computer but it’s giving me directory errors. I also used some extra texture pngs in the server. Is there a way that Paraview looks for texture files within the local computer paraview directory and imports backgrounds from the current directory instead of using server directory?


Which file ? Which format ?

I transferred whole directory of openfoam simulation containing time steps, pvsm file of paraview and HDRI skyboxes

Indeed, there is a limitation with HDRi and textures in general. You cannot change the path when loading the .pvsm.

I think @LfxPaul or @timothee.chabat knows more

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okay…is there any way around it? I don’t want to lose my ray tracing and textures of post processing
Btw Thanks for quick reply as always!

The paraview state files are text files - you can use a text editor to replace the incorrect paths with paths on the new system.
If this is a process you perform often, you could write a script to fix the paths.

If you want a Python script to do this, please see: Missing “Load State Options” dialog. I have improved the script since that so let me know if you want the updated version.

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