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After attempting things on my own, googling, and looking through the archives here, I finally registered on this site to post my question. I am new to ParaView (v5.9.1 on Windows 10) and I am still working my way through the GUI. I would appreciate it if someone could help me think through the following situation I find myself in:

  1. Saving states with multiple views

How do you save states that have two (or more) views (RenderViews) when one of the views happens to be a time history/chart (QuartileChartView)? Every time I try to save states in either PVSM or PY file format, ParaView spits out the following warning message:

Generic Warning: In C:\glr\builds\paraview\paraview-ci\build\superbuild\paraview\src\Remoting\ServerManager\vtkSMTrace.cxx, line 113
Tracing is active. Cannot save state.

warning: In unknown, line 0
warning: Empty state generated.

As you can imagine, I would like to step through time and visualize fields in multiple RenderViews and time history of a quantity of interest from a point in the QuartileChartView.

Obviously, since the state file never gets saved, rerunning the pipeline on another job/analysis becomes a significant task. I do not know if this is occurring due to pilot error (likely!) or system configuration mismatch or a bug in ParaView or something else entirely. Regardless, I am hoping someone can shed some light on this matter for me.

Interestingly enough, when I save an animation, the same warning message pops up but the movie is written out just fine.

  1. How do I plot multiple quantities of interest from multiple points (associated with various surfaces or volumes) in one QuartileChartView?

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Hey Vikas,
Welcome to the ParaView community!
Reading your description literallly, works for me. Please give us really detailed instructions what you are doing. For instance, what works for me is:

  • Linux, ParaView 5.9.1, builtin server.
  • Open can.exo. All variables on. Apply.
  • Select numerous cells on.
  • Plot Selection Over Time.
  • File/ Save State.
  • Reset Session.
  • File/ Load State.

All is as it should be… Note that this also creates a state with two views, left is can.exo, right is a Quartile Chart View.

You may want to try Edit/ Reset to Default Settings. Maybe your ParaView state is messed up…


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Hi Alan,

Thanks for the warm welcome and for the response.

You are spot on! I also managed to execute those steps you laid out just fine with an example model so - thank you, again. The pipeline I composed for my job must not be set up correctly.

Let me struggle through it for a bit before I get back.