Saving time-dependent data on csv file

I’m running some simulations on a software that needs Paraview for post-processing and visualizing the results. In order to post-process the results, I need to save their average values over the whole domain into a single *.csv file, in which rows are time-dependent (i.e., row 1 → time 1; row 2 → time 2).
The problem is that I did it once by accident (and it even was fairly simple, as I remember) and now I cannot recall what I did: now I can just get some (as many as how many timesteps are there in the simulations) *.csv files that evaluate point by point (or cell by cell) my variables, which is not what I’d want, or a single huge *.csv file that evaluates still point by point but for all the timesteps.

How do I sort it out?

HI Mattia,
I think what you may be looking for is the filter PlotGlobalVariables over Time. Please let me know if this helps. By the way, welcome!